A Fox’s Business

Image of a pipe

Image via Wikipedia

We Fox’s are far more advanced than is often thought, we even have our own sewer system! It is the most inventive system ever! I will tell you about it shortly. Many humans believe that Fox’s of the wild just go for a number 2 where ever they feel like….

This is not true, in every den we have toilets, yes, the white, seated jobs, with a flusher and everything…… the waste goes out of them through pipes that change were they unload the waste every hour, randomly.

But be careful, because it might unload in right into your back garden, popping out of the soil and leaving the perfect curve effect every time! You don’t think that is a natural number 2 do you? Who has that sort of consistency and curve effect all the time? I would like to meet the Fox who does! Hat’s of to them!

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