My EYES and Rigor Mortis

Description: This image shows a Carpenter ant ...

Image via Wikipedia

It seems that I have lost my Eyes, these ants are really going at me aren’t they.. First my Brains, then my Eyes, I wish decomposition was a more graceful ailment!

I guess it beats Erectile Dysfunction, Rigor Mortis solved that one for me!

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  1. Forthly said:

    Love it, Keep up the work!

  2. you need to get out more…..oh , sorry , forgot ..your DEAD………

  3. Well, I try, but these days ones legs don’t always do as one wants, I guess when you lose the muscles and most of your bone structure, you can’t get around as well as you once could!!!

    • Donovan said:

      Bob, I’m sure you can identify with Mr foxy over here… I saw what a week of camping did to you !

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