The After Life

Young Eurasian Badger (Meles Meles)

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It has come to my attention, that there is in fact an after life… Now as a Fox this is not something that has been on my mind an awful lot. The thoughts on my mind were,

* Food

* Mr’s Fox

* The Cubs

Not what will happen when I ‘Kick the Bucket’, or as a Fox would say ‘Trot the Fox’. As a Fox we have more pressing matters, we don’t have a nice house to spend our time in, we have holes, evadable by other nasty animals, such as Badgers or Dogs… I HATE Badgers and Dogs, disgusting, nasty, vial animals. We don’t have worries, about Bills and Car Tax, we worry about the next meal, and whether today will be the day we finaly find a nice place to make a new Den. The Missus was always going on about wanting a new Den, I guess that is something she will have to sort herself now, Damn, I miss her…. At least those Bees have left me alone! Nasty Nasty Bees….

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